Family & Kids Day Walks

Reconnect with your family through adventure in nature with Simply Trekking on our Western Australian family walks for children from toddlers to 12 years.  Nina leads all our family events and is qualified in
Family & Children Services plus presently studying for her Masters in Education. Leader Marie has a degree in Primary Education.

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Family Day Walks 3 – 6 years | Family Day Hikes 6 – 12 years | AwardsWA Ignite Kids Day Hikes

Family Day Walks 3 to 6 years

Join Simply Trekking out in nature where we walk at toddler pace to have the opportunity for your child to observe with all their senses.  Each walk has its own nature theme, fairies, frogs, birds, leaves, pebbles, feathers, etc and finishes with an activity where your child has the chance to reflect on their walk.

Fantastic Frogs, a Curious Kids Adventure20200729140640

Fantastic Frogs, a Curious Kids Adventure

13 Sept, 3 Oct, 15 Nov : Bring your curious young kids to explore and discover the amazing world of fantastic frogs....
A Toddler Trot with the Three Billy Goats Gruff20200729134358

A Toddler Trot with the Three Billy Goats Gruff

Sat 17 Oct, Sun 1st Nov : Bring your toddler along to experience the Three Billy Goats Gruff overcome the troll along the Les...
Meet The Brook Fairy, A Toddler Meander20200610133314

Meet The Brook Fairy, A Toddler Meander

23 Aug, 5 Sept, 11 Oct, 7 Nov  | $50 1 adult, 1 child : Meander with your toddler along the banks of this very pretty sparkli...

Family day hikes 6 to 12 years

Simply Trekking provide family day hikes that bring families together to reconnect through adventure and outdoor education.  The hikes take place in National Parks within 1 hour drive of the city.

Ellis Brook Valley Family Hike20200611203331

Ellis Brook Valley Family Hike

30 August | $50 1 adult, 1 child : Join Simply Trekking on an exploration of a less visited  waterfall, Ellis Brook.  Panoram...
Lesmurdie Falls Family Day Hike20200611083051

Lesmurdie Falls Family Day Hike

22 Aug, 25 Oct: | $50 1 adult, 1 child : Lesmurdie Falls, the largest and most spectacular of all the waterfalls in Perth and...
John Forrest Cycling Family Day Adventure20200610203559

John Forrest Cycling Family Day Adventure

29 Aug, 31 Oct | $50 1 adult, 1 child : Join Simply Trekking in a spooky tunnel, rock and waterfall adventure in John Forrest...
Family Day Adventure On Rope & Zipline20200604203150

Family Day Adventure On Rope & Zipline

Sat 15 Aug : $50 1 adult, 1 child : Simply Trekking is combining with Trees Adventures for a fun family day in Yanchep Nation...

AwardsWA Ignite kids day hikes

One day in nature can be equal to 3 in the classroom.   Simply Trekking is partner with AwardsWA in providing Ignite Award day hikes for primary school children 9-12 years

Kids Day Hike & Dromedarys20200605104101

Kids Day Hike & Dromedarys

25 Aug, 22 Sep | $85 pp | This trek will not only be physically challenge children 9 to 13 years with its topography but also...
Kids Funky Flora Day Hike20200603105145

Kids Funky Flora Day Hike

01 Sep | $85 | The trek itself is not very long or demanding for children 9 to 13 year old but our destination at a large gra...
Kids Rope & Zipline Adventure20200602122618

Kids Rope & Zipline Adventure

20 Aug, 24 Sept | $85 :  Join us in Yanchep National Park on a zipline and rope ride, followed by going underground in a lime...
Kids Day Hike On The Bibbulmun Track20200516105617

Kids Day Hike On The Bibbulmun Track

27 Oct, 03 Nov | $85 pp | This trek is a little more adventurous as you will be climbing two of West Australia's higher peaks...