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Family & kids day walks

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Overnight family hikes

Family Lighting Extravaganza20200511114345

Family Lighting Extravaganza

24 & 25 Oct : $125 1 Adult 1 Child, $25 add Adult, $15 add Child:  Join us on an all inclusive ramble over ridges, along ...
Family Wildflower Hike20200509121213

Family Wildflower Hike

19 - 20 Sep| $125 1 Adult 1 child |  This wildflower season give your children the opportunity to be independent carrying the...
Family Hike With The Wandering Minstrel20200507110226

Family Hike With The Wandering Minstrel

7-8 Nov : $125 1 Adult 1 child : A short an exciting trek that includes and a wandering minstrel and the chance to cool off i...
Lurujarri Heritage Trail Broome20200505120239

Lurujarri Heritage Trail Broome

Songline Trek | July 2022 : Experience walking the 90km ancient song line along the coast south of Broome, sleeping out under...

Multi-day Duke of Edinburgh treks

Teen 5 day Mt Cooke Trek20200729212052

Teen 5 day Mt Cooke Trek

Fri 25-29 Sept: $500 per teen :Lots of demand for our Duke of Edinburgh treks for the Sept/Oct school holidays so we have put...
Teen 3 Day Darling Scarp Trek20200611113353

Teen 3 Day Darling Scarp Trek

01-03 Oct| $250 pp | Fully Booked : A 3 day Duke of Edinburgh trek for teens the first night at the extensive rammed earth r...
Teen 3 Day Helena Valley Hike20200510115019

Teen 3 Day Helena Valley Hike

30 Oct-1 Nov :  $250 pp : The trek starts on the Friday afternoon to our first campsite and the next day we climb to enjoy th...
Teen 5 Day Darling Scarp Trek20200508115819

Teen 5 Day Darling Scarp Trek

5 to 9 Oct | $500 pp  :  Fully Booked : This 5 day trek that averages 10-12 kms per day gives lots of time to build the campf...