Walking Holidays
(day pack tours)

Join one of our Walking Holiday tours at Simply Trekking for the best of both worlds in multi-day guided trekking without the burden of heavy packs. Stay “on-track” to enjoy sunsets and sunrises along with the on-track comradery of your team and other hikers at camps, which is normally only truly experienced on a full pack trek.

Yes, we do the onerous planning, transport, the heavy lifting and the set-up and take-down of the camp each day, leaving you free to enjoy the track at its best. You enjoy being able to walk into and out of camp with your light day pack.

The base price includes your “walk-in” tent, sleeping stretcher and mattress, a duffle bag (for your clothes, your cooking gear and your personal items), a cooler for your food. Also included in the base price are trekking poles and gaiters for your safety. At camp there will be a group table, to prepare food and a chair for each hiker and the guide. All this will be ready for you when you walk into camp. You will need to provide your clothes, shoes, daypack, pillow, your own personal items and cooking gear and food.

To further meet your needs, we also provide an option of daily fresh food and the hire of a down sleeping bag and cooking equipment.

To be clear, whilst we do the heavy lifting for you, you will need to prepare your own meals etc.

Cape to Cape Track:
Walk every step of the 134km spectacular Cape to Cape Track.  Stay on track to enjoy sunsets and sunrises and avoid the time-consuming shuttles to and from your accommodation. Gain the mental and physical benefit of seven days in nature without the difficult of a full pack trek. We do all the heavy lifting with your tent, camp stretcher, mattress, chair, clothes, food etc, leaving you to relax and enjoy the end of day rewards.

Cape to Cape 7 day End to End Guided Tours
– tour dates starting April 2022 – 6 tours, dates and details coming soon

Cape to Cape 4 day Guided Tour
– tour date starting October 2022 – date and details coming soon


Bibbulmun Track:
The Bibbulmun Track is a world class trek extending over 1000km from Kalamunda in Perth to Albany in the southwest over spectacular country. Our series of walking holiday guided treks provide an unique opportunity for you to taste this epic track in its true form by staying “on-track” visiting accessible camps whilst you walk with lighter daypacks for overnight or multi day hike options.

For optimum convenience, we provide and transport your tent, stretcher, mattress, clothing and food etc, so all you have to do is take in this marvelous environment, enjoy walking, comradery of your fellow trekkers and generally experience all the benefits of multi-day trekking without the physical issue of carrying a full pack.

Southern Ocean Guided Tour – Nov 2022 date and details coming soon

Wildflower Guided Tour – Spring 2022 date and details coming soon

Dam to Forest to Pub Guided Tour – 2023 date and details coming soon