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susan hurley 1
"I joined Marie on a 4 day trek on a section of the Bibbulmun Track. I was confident from the beginning in Marie's experience and gained some valuable knowledge from her as we walked. Trekking "light" is an attractive idea, and although my personal gear was not the lightest, I would highly recommend hiring gear from Simply Trekking to make your experience more comfortable. I was especially encouraged by Marie's relaxed and calm walking pace and the feeling that I could walk at my own comfortable pace whilst enjoying taking in the details of the stunning forest and coastal environment. Feeling free to walk and talk, or walk and not talk and just be immersed in one's own thoughts and feelings was a very valuable experience for me. The track winds its way through some most stunning and varied terrain and the Walpole to Peaceful Bay section is certainly a delightful choice. Camping in the simple but functional huts, knowing there was drinking water at each site and following the excellently marked track made the hike a really positive experience. I recommend Marie as a leader and Simply Trekking to anyone who wants to leave the "wide busy highway" and follow a narrow and quiet path off grid into some beautiful wild places. You will be well cared for! "
Victoria AUS
I met Marie to hike a few sections of the Bibbulmun Track and 8 days on the Cape to Cape WA. Marie has a good hiking knowledge and experience. She is a great hiking companion whose enthusiasm and ability makes for a very enjoyable experience.
Perth WA
I have been on one 7 day walk and an overnight walk on the Bibbulmun Track led by Marie. I enjoyed her good companionship, her knowledge, her knowledge of many tracks in NZ as well as the little stretch after the walk.
Perth WA
I am pleased to recommend such an energetic, safety conscious and experienced trekker Marie Tatham in her endeavors to spread the joy of trekking with others. We have walked together on bush treks and her manner and knowledge with her friendly disposition have made every walk an enjoyable treasure.
Perth WA
Well organized, carefully guided trekking venture, most helpful where assistance is needed and most generous person. Well done, Marie.
Perth WA