Find out what trekkers have to say about their journeys with Simply Trekking

"Small operator of hikes in SW Australia so good value for money and personal, flexible service. More camping equipment than you could possibly need (camping beds, plows, towels, flip flops) and good family-based camping grounds. An authentic, regional experience."
Susan Kochanowski - 7 day Walking Holiday Walpole to Albany Trek
May 2023, London UK
"Beautiful scenery and the walks were well paced and flexible to suit conditions. Great, challenging and rewarding holiday"
Bianca Dimont - 7 day Walking Holiday Great Southern Walpole to Albany Trek
May 2023, Vic
"Have recently undertaken two treks with Marie - Cape to Cape and the SW Coast. A lovely way to see the WA coastline. It was fantastic to have someone move your gear and not have to carry it yourself. Marie is well stocked with everything needed so this east coaster didn’t need to bring everything."
Judy Loorham - 7 day Walking Holiday Cape to Cape and Great Southern Walpole to Albany Trek
April/May 2023, Vic
"Awesome experience with magnificent views of the Western Australia coast line. Marie and her team made the journey even more enjoyable with their experience & knowledge, and going beyond to make our adventure comfortable as possible each day. I would highly recommend the self guided tour-walking at a comfortable pace and gaining confidence knowing you have a support crew every step of the way. Thankyou Marie & your team for a great experience, awesome views and memories and new friendships. 🙏"
Lu Maggs - 7 day Walking Holiday Cape to Cape Trek
April 2023, Victoria
"I only spent a few days with Simply Trekking but Marie and the crew where amazing, nothing was too much trouble, so helpful and well organized." (hope you're foot recovers quickly - Marie).
Dianne Ross - 7 day Walking Holiday Cape to Cape Track
April 2023, Victoria
"The guides were very helpful and kind and the pace was not too challenging. Moreover, the route included plenty of beautiful views."
Henry Bird - 5 day South West Teen Trek
April 2023, Perth
"Marie is the kindest soul ever and I love her sooooooo much. I have met some many people somehow across the world, in my own state. It is the definition of a holiday of surprise ."
Dion Rogers - 7 day Walking Holiday Cape to Cape Trek
Nov 2022, Harvey
"Thank you Simply Trekking for arranging such a terrific adventure for our company team retreat. We had a truly wonderful time with guide Alex, he was the perfect person to guide us. We got along very well and his cooking is absolutely superb, a real treat after a long day on the trail! The section of track chosen for us was brilliant too. Just enough distance each day to be a challenge, but still achievable. And the euphoria of arriving at the Mumby pub on Sunday was incredible 😊 Overall we feel super lucky to have had such a terrific time and it’s something we’ll all remember forever."
Cam Sinclair - 3 day Corporate Trek
May 2022, Perth
"Recently my Son Vinny completed 3 day hike to Bibligum track with Simply trekking. It has been a real pleasure dealing with Marie from beginning to end of the adventure. As a parent sending our kid to these hikes was bit scary at the beginning but Marie kept us up to date with everything where we felt really relived. She updated us with ervery step even during the hike. The messages we received at night from her regarding how kids were doing in the hike were highly appreciated. It was a reminder that the kids were in safe hands. It's been a pleasure dealing with Marie. I wouldn't hesitate twice to recommend Simply trekking for other kids and mum's. Thank you Marie for providing them a adventure that they will not forget for life time. Hope we can come back next year for another hike. "
Shyama de Silva, Parent – 3 day teen hike
Sept 2022, Perth
"I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Marie during the process of my child arranging their Duke of Ed Bronze award adventurous journey. Marie went out of her way to help us try and find the right journey, and we eventually settled on the Walpole Trek. All the gear that was supplied was in excellent condition and the arrangements were seamless. My child found part of the experience quite challenging but Marie was very supportive and encouraging. Great friends were made and it was certainly an experience which will never be forgotten. Thank you Marie!"
Andy Druyan, Parent - 3 Day Teen trek
April 2022, Perth
" As a parent I would thoroughly recommend Simply Trekking with Marie and Michael who guided our daughter Jade who is 16 years old on the 5 day South West Hike. Initially I rang and spoke with Marie who was so knowledgeable and guided us to the most suitable hiking boots. There was a Zoom meeting during Covid which was so reassuring to see and hear the others to be on the trek and Marie and Michael were very relaxed and reassuring. When we collected the back packs and gear which were really good quality they provided so much helpful information, in particular the importance of keeping the weight to minimal. I had no hesitation in letting Jade head off for 5 days, knowing that Marie and Michael were completely professional and that Jade would be safe and was in for an experience of a life time - that it was - Jade was thrilled to have done this and she is definitely keen to do another trek with Simply Trekking - thanks Marie and Michael - you were The Best Ever!!!!! Keep doing what you are doing."
Anna Johnson, Parent - 5 Day Teen south west trek
April 2021, Perth
"Overall, the experience from the planning stage till the completion of the trek has been smooth sailing and very well organized. You have kept us, parents in the loop throughout and kept us up to date each day so that we had confidence that the teens would be well supervised. Thank you for making this possible. It was certainly an experience that Dylan would remember😊. Highly recommended!"
Wern Wyong, Parent - 5 Day Teen south west trek
April 2021, Perth
"I wanted to say a huge thank you for taking Abby on the trek She had the most wonderful time and it was definitely an experience of a lifetime. She told me she forwarded her diary to you. You will see that not only did you enjoy the challenge and the nature but she really enjoyed meeting all the interesting people she encountered along the way. I will happily complete a review of Simply Trekking - which I will do now. Thank you again for making this a wonderful experience for Abby."
Julia Hogan, Parent - 5 Day Teen south west trek
April 2021, Perth
Marie was wonderful! Such a warm and friendly person. Very organised and well run. My daughter had an amazing time on the teen hike! She made memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you so much. We hope to be involved in another hike in the future!
Kristy, Parent - 3 Day Teen trek
April 2021, Perth
I have just returned from a 3 day hike on part of the Bibbulmun track with Marie as required for my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of hiking and being 'one with the bush' for 3 days. The facilities that I borrowed off Marie were in excellent condition and worked without any problems. I was given very clear instructions on how to set up my cocoon and tarp by Marie and had no trouble doing it. I didn't feel pressured to walk at a certain pace and felt free to stop and take pictures, walk in silence or walk and talk and just enjoy the experience. The track was easy to walk through and clearly defined and I felt confident when it came to leading. Unfortunately there wasn't as much wildlife, but the walk clearly made up for it! We did a reasonable amount of kilometers each day and had a well deserved rest in the huts and at the campsites dipping our feet in the river and playing card games. I got to know Marie very well during the 3 days and even got to know a couple of new card games I hadn't played before. I would definitely recommend Simply Trekking to anyone who would like to complete Duke of Edinburgh camps or just enjoy a hike in the bush. Thanks a million Marie I look forward to participating in upcoming camps with you again! Emma
Emma - South West 3 Day Teen trek
January 2021, Perth
Marie was an absolute delightful guide. I along with 3 fellow hikers hiked on the Cape to Cape track where you can see magnificent scenery. Marie was able to guide me and help me obtain the skills and experience i needed for my Duke of Edinburgh silver award. I highly recommend Simply Trekking to all who want to enjoy a nice hike or to do their Duke of Ed, Marie took great care of me and my friends and I learnt alot from both experiences.
Alan - Cape to Cape 3 Day Teen Trek
December 2020, Perth
I recently did the Cape to Cape 3 Day Trek with Marie, and since it was my first trek, I knew I had a lot of things to learn. Marie was an outstanding guide and taught me a lot, from setting up tarps to cooking meals! My group and I even had a chance to navigate ourselves through paths; the coastal scenery and wildlife were plentiful and beautiful to observe. It was especially great to have a few days off to experience what seemed like a whole new world, away from the city lights and noises. All in all, the trek was first rate and extremely enjoyable; hats off to Marie and Simply Trekking, I highly recommend the trek and am sure other treks are as good or even better
Chen - Cape to Cape 3 Day Teen Trek
December 2020, Perth
Marie is literally the sweetest person ever, she guided us for the days at the cape to cape trek and then gave us free time for the rest of it. It was flexible as we got to dictate what we did and we learn along the way new things. The gear is amazingly light and new. Its very modern and it is easy to use. There is was a lot of flexibility on the trek and we got to have input into how we wished to go and what we wanted to do.
Lucius - Cape to Cape 3 Day Teen Trek
November 2020, Perth
I did the three day cape to cape walk. On the first day we took a taxi to cape naturalists and walked to Yallingup. We took breaks frequently, ate dinner at the pub and stayed in the caravan park. The next day we took a taxi to smiths beach and walked to Moses rock campsite, about 18k. The walk long but the scenery is incredible, walking past Quinnup falls and breaks are frequent. We watched the sunset and slept to the sound of the ocean. On the final day we walked to Gracetown and ate lunch there. The scenery is incredible as you walk past rivers and across rocks. Over the three days Marie’s advice and guidance meant we were always safe. Overall the walk was an incredible experience and the views were some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Well worth it.
Kiran - Cape to Cape 3 Day Teen Trek
November 2020, Perth
Marie was an amazing person and guide. Really friendly and knowledgeable and just an overall pleasure to be around. Great view and a must do for anyone who enjoys the costal view and hiking. Equipment is supplied and is relatively new but equipment is always necessary as you do tend to stop at some if the amazing facilities on the way. Along the way you will break frequently which makes the walk more enjoyable and it is a good time to full absorb the view and socialise. Overall, really enjoyable and is a recommendation for anyone who is looking to relax or just to explore the beauty of the coast.
Anthony - Cape to Cape 3 Day Teen Trek
November 2020, Perth
"Highly recommended to use this service in particular for the Duke of Edinburgh adventurous journeys in WA (Bronze, Silver / Gold) for hiking along Cape to Cape / Bibbulmum Track. Marie is very professional, patient and caring for the teenagers. She is very knowledgeable and able to cater and customise for small group any needs. Her gears and equipment are new and light weighted compared to other providers in this business. Even though Cape to Cape trek is a harder trek as compared to Bibbulmum track, she has made it enjoyable and fun for the teenager. In addition, with her caring nature, she ensure that every teenager get the attention required during the trek. Marie is also very reliable and provide good communication with the group and among parents. Definitely a 5 stars service with lots of added value. Trekking with you definitely a better choice to what they experience from Bibbulmun track even though cape to cape trek is a harder trek than Bibbulmun trek itself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for guiding them and looking after them so well during the trip."
Yuen Tan, Parent - Cape to Cape 3 Day Private Teen Trek
November 2020, Perth
Marie has guided our Duke of Edinburgh participants on their Silver and their Gold journeys and on both occasions the students have returned with glowing recommendations for Marie. The part we love the most is she allows the students to develop in a supportive environment - at nights the students set up camp on their own and cook for themselves while knowing Marie was close by if there was a problem. The personal development in the students over the two journeys has been exponential. We are grateful to Marie for being so patient and supportive of our students during their Duke of Edinburgh journeys
Sue Bamford - South West 5 day and Winter Mountain 7 Day Teen Trek
November 2019, July 2020 - MLC DukeofEd Co-ordinator
It has been quite a relaxed trek and we have been able to take in the beautiful wildlife around us away from the distractions of school life. We enjoyed meeting lots of different trekkers along the way and hearing their stories around the campfire. We have been lucky to see lots of kangaroos and even a possum last! We have had 2 incredible guides who trekked with us, helped us with any difficulties, taught us about camping and hiking skills, while still allowing us to be independent. We highly recommend this hike to any students who want to get outdoors, even with prior experience.
MLC Teens - Winter Mountain 7 Day Teen Trek
July 2020, Perth
"Bibb Track in the Spring 19 I joined Marie for 3 x 7 day treks in mid Sept to mid Oct for "the Best of the Bibb". She carefully crafted a very good program which visited a variety of eco systems. These included: rocky granite ridges (with extended views), river lands, deep forest, coastal plains and littoral foreshores, as well as some stretches through rolling farmland. This sequence saw us walk from Nth to Sth, catching the optimal blooms of the various types of wildflowers. These were often absolutely stunning, with fields of multi coloured flowers and shrubs accompanied by subtle perfumes. The wildlife encountered included regular interaction with quizzical Emus, startled wild Cats, lazy lizards, lots of Red Cockatoos squawking at us, and not too many snakes... Marie's expert knowledge of the region meant we were able to seamlessly catch “the right bus” or train to and from, and secure some interesting/quaint accommodation at the entry and exit country towns. I used her very nice B&B room in central Perth as a base between trips. In all a very professionally run set of trips, conducted in considerable style. Very Pleasant, with lots of enduring memories. Thanks a Bunch! "
Ian Sydney - multi-day remote Bibbulmun Track treks
Sept, 2019, Sydney
""I joined Marie on a 4 day trek on a section of the Bibbulmun Track. I was confident from the beginning in Marie's experience and gained some valuable knowledge from her as we walked. Trekking "light" is an attractive idea, and although my personal gear was not the lightest, I would highly recommend hiring gear from Simply Trekking to make your experience more comfortable. I was especially encouraged by Marie's relaxed and calm walking pace and the feeling that I could walk at my own comfortable pace whilst enjoying taking in the details of the stunning forest and coastal environment. Feeling free to walk and talk, or walk and not talk and just be immersed in one's own thoughts and feelings was a very valuable experience for me. The track winds its way through some most stunning and varied terrain and the Walpole to Peaceful Bay section is certainly a delightful choice. Camping in the simple but functional huts, knowing there was drinking water at each site and following the excellently marked track made the hike a really positive experience. I recommend Marie as a leader and Simply Trekking to anyone who wants to leave the "wide busy highway" and follow a narrow and quiet path off grid into some beautiful wild places. You will be well cared for! "
Susan - 4 day remote pack carry Bibbulmun Track
Nov, 2019, Victoria
"I met Marie to hike a few sections of the Bibbulmun Track and 8 days on the Cape to Cape WA. Marie has a good hiking knowledge and experience. She is a great hiking companion whose enthusiasm and ability makes for a very enjoyable experience."
Deb - multi-day remote Cape to Cape & Bibbulmun Track WA
Aug, 2019, Perth
I have been on one 7 day walk and an overnight walk on the Bibbulmun Track led by Marie. I enjoyed her good companionship, her knowledge, her knowledge of many tracks in NZ as well as the little stretch after the walk."
Jing - 7 day Northcliffe to Walpole and overnight Bibbulmun Track WA
Oct, 2019, Perth
"I am pleased to recommend such an energetic, safety conscious and experienced trekker Marie Tatham in her endeavors to spread the joy of trekking with others. We have walked together on bush treks and her manner and knowledge with her friendly disposition have made every walk an enjoyable treasure."
Pauline - multi-day remote treks, Bibbulmun Track WA
Nov, 2019, Perth
"I did the 2-day Mt Cooke Trek with Marie from Simply Trekking. I had previously enjoyed day hikes out in the bush and had always ruled out multi-day treks because of the weight of the pack I thought I would have to carry. Marie assured me that this would not be a problem for me with the weight being kept to a minimum with the right ultra-light gear. Marie was very professional in making sure that I carried only what was necessary and that my pack was correctly adjusted so as to be balanced and not cause me undue discomfort on the track. She also provided hiking poles and encouraged me to use them, especially on the ascents and descents of Mt Cooke. We stopped and admired the views from numerous vantage points, taking time to observe the various wildflowers and wildlife along the way. Marie shared her knowledge of the various species as well as giving me an insight into what to expect on the longer multiday hikes on the Bibbulmun Track (which she is very passionate about) as well as other hikes she is planning to do, both in Australia and overseas. As we walked, we compared notes on our previous travel destinations and places we were yet to go to. The overnight camp at Mt Cooke hut was an enjoyable experience, which we shared with numerous other hikers. The dehydrated food Marie provided was both easy to prepare and very tasty. Sharing stories around the hut and campfire was a pleasant way to end the day. We got up before daylight the next morning, repacked our gear and headed back up the mountain to see sunrise and have breakfast at the summit. As an added bonus, there was a full moon going down in the west as the sun rose in the east, both of which were well worth the early start. All in all, I feel that Marie provided an excellent hiking experience and would recommend Simply Trekking for anyone who is new to hiking or unsure about whether they can do it."
Graeme - Overnight trek, Bibbulmun Track WA
April, 2019, Perth