Remote Pack Carrying Treks

Want to get remote? Off the beaten track?  Revive your body and your mind?  The Bibbulmun Track is full of remote adventures, whether you’re looking for a 3, 5 or 8 day experience.  Pack carrying isn’t like it used to be, using the new technology, you can reduce the amount you carry, to only 20% of your body weight and that includes your food and water.  To reach this goal, we can provide your own ultralight gear or you can use your own. Simply Trekking will guide you to experience amazing remote journeys that will reconnect you with nature.

Our overnight and multi-day treks are held along various sections of the Western Australian 1000km Bibbulmun Track

8 Day Best of WA’s Southern Coast

3 Day WA Wildflower Exploration

And also on the amazing Cape to Cape Track Cape to Cape Track

The Cape to Cape is spectacular and we can design a trek to suit your dates and pack carrying needs. Cape to Cape Trek

We can even create a schedule for you and your group to hike the full Bibbulmun Track …check out our blog article!

Contact us today to discuss your requirements further and book your remote adventure on 0427 058 866.

Cape to Cape Redgate Beach Margaret River
Cape to Cape Track Canal Rocks
Wandoo forest on the way to Beraking campsite Bibbulmun Track

Trek Suggestions

Cape to Cape Track:
135 km enjoy the full coastal sunset & sunrise experience by camping along the track.  Or perhaps you’d prefer to carry just a day pack and have your camp site set up in readiness for you to walk in and relax.  Contact and she will put together the package that suits your needs.

The best of the Bibbulmun Track
Wildflowers: September October is WA’s amazing wildflower season. Contact us to put together a multi-day hike over the mountains of the Darling Range to give you the best of our unique wildflowers.
Big trees & coastal trekking:   The 4 days hike from Walpole to Peaceful Bay was voted in Lonely Planet to be the best of the Bibbulmun Track.  It climbs up from Walpole Inlet to the Frankland River, to the Big Trees and back to the coast. It has the advantage that it can be hiked at nearly all times of the year.
Southwest coastal:  Albany through to Denmark to Peaceful Bay follows the coast with stunning sea views all the way.