Eastern States

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Queensland | Tasmania | New South Wales

These treks are offered as an independent walking group. This is slightly differnet from the commercial guided treks. The maximum amount can be three people plus the Simply Trekking host.  Simply Trekking guides host using the latest satellite Garmin GPS devices. They also are responsible for the group First Aid, the itinerary planner, all maps, and compasses.   The expenses will be shared equally between the four people. These are expenses such as accommodation and transport.


7 day trek

The Fraser Island Trail

This trek covers the world’s largest sand island. There is mangrove forest encasing crystal clear freshwater lakes. The sand is multi-coloured and subtropical rainforest is divine.  Read further on the link below: https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/great-walks-fraser-island/

3-5 day trek

The Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook Island Track

This trail explores the Eastern side of the island.  It is over cloud-covered mountains. There is fragile heath vegetation, lush rainforest and tall eucalypts. The descent is into a channel lined with mangroves. The West features bays, beaches and rocky headlands.


3 day trek

The Scenic Rim Trail

This trail explores the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. It is beautifully unique and is the ancient World Heritage Listed Gondwana Rainforest.



7 days

Overland Track

We have the option of using huts or camping. This is the best and most famous walk in Australia. It displays surreal Tassie landscape. The rainforest, the pretty alpine lakes, and the tarns and waterfalls are unique. This trek is easy to moderate grade. We have well maintained tracks and the huts here. We have chosen to walk in February because this gives us the best chance of great weather.

4 days

Walls of Jerusalem

The landscape here  has an opened-ended form. There are stunning Pencil Pine forests. We can camp or stay in rustic vernacular huts.  The huts give a glimpse into the history of life in the high country in days gone by.

4 day 

Three Capes Track

We walk   48 km through tall eucalypt forests, along coastal heath and up high sea cliffs. Our evenings are spent in warm and comfortable environmentally-sensitive cabins.  Please contact us if you are int4ersted in walking also the Cape Pillar trek.

3 day 

Freycinet NP Circuit

We go camping here on the mild east coast is the jewel of Tasmania’s stunning coastline.  There are great campsites, fresh water and in between your hours of walking you can swim in the azure blue waters.  This is an ideal way to finish our exploration of Tasmania’s tracks.

New South Wales

Wilson’s Promontory – Camping
The Eastern Circuit is a 3 day trek that explores stunning secluded beaches sheltered from the prevailing winds crystal clear turquoise water and an abundance of of wildlife.

Great Ocean Walk 12 Apostles Trek – camping
A 6 day trek along the best part of the coast across wild beach, rocky headlands and through wetlands and deep forested valleys.