4 Hike Northcliffe to Peaceful Bay Bibbulmun Track WA

In the fourth section of the Bibbulmun Track we walk across the wonderful Pingerup Plains where you may need to wade through water.  The plains are loved by most Bibb track walks for their wilderness, expansiveness and panoramic views from granite mountains.  We reach the coast meander back into the Valley of the Giants then back out to the coast for a refreshing swim.

Northcliffe to Walpole 7 days

Day 1. Northcliffe to Gardner (15.2km) 
The trail follows the Gardner River and its a short day arriving at Gardner Hut.

Day 2. Gardner to Maringup (17.1km)
One of the jewels of the Bibb Track, the hut sits on the edge of Lake Maringup, fresh water not too cold wonderful to swim.

Day 3. Maringup to Dog Pool (25.7km) 
The first section from the hut is very lovely, along a series of boardwalks and although it is a long walk today, Dog Pool hut is rammed earth and sits on the edge of Shannob River, venjoy hopefully sunshine so that you can take a quick very cold swim.

Day 4. Dog Pool to Mt Chance (19.5km)
A relatively flat, uncomplicated walk but takes you from the rich loamy soils to sandy and to climb Mt Chance behind the hut is a

Day 5. Mt Chance to Woolbales (21.8km) 
A lovely day through the Pingerup Plains and a highlight is Mt Pingerup to climb from Woolbales.

Day 6. Woolbales to Long Point (18.5 km)
The jumbled granite shapes of the Woolbales Hills dominate, its lovely walking and the Broke Inlet is visible from several rocky ridges. Today we walk from to the coast, walk along Mandalay B each with gorgeous views.  From Long Point hut there is a short trail to sit and watch the sunset over the ocean.

Day 7. Long Point  to Mt Clare (13.3km) to Walpole (10.4km) 
Mandalay beach to Nuyts ascend to Mt Clare and then a saunter into Walpole along the inlet.

Cup of tea on bank of Dog Pool River Bibbulmun Track
Karri forest Bibbulmun Track Western Australlia

Walpole to Peaceful Bay  4 days

Day 1. Walpole to Frankland (18.4km) 
We walk alongside the still waters of the inlet and then ascend up above the inlet, for views, then we walk on through the Tingles to the hut.

Day 2. Frankland to Giants (15km)
The waters are usually really still and you get great reflections, especially off the granites 100m down the track from the hut. We reach valley of the giants treetop walk by lunch time and its a short walk from there to Giants campsite in virgin karri and jarrah forest.

Day 3. Giants to Rame Head (17.4km)
Today we move from the giant trees and descend down and over the coastal plain to Conspicuous Beach and up to Rame Head for sunset and sunrise.

Day 4. Rame Head to Peaceful Bay (11.8km)
Gentle day along the coast down to Peaceful Bay arriving by lunchtime.

Accom & Transport:  Peaceful Bay is basically just a caravan park but has a cafe with fresh fish & chips.  There are chalets you can book.  TransWA passes the Peaceful Bay road on South Coast Highway each day or probably best to book a taxi back to Walpole and catch it there the next day.

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Walpole inlet reflections Bibbulmun Track
Southern ocean beach on the Bibbulmun Track Western Australia