2 North Bannister to Collie Bibbulmun Track WA

On the second section of the Bibbulmun Track you continue to walk along the Darling Scarp with its granite outcrops and thick jarrah forests to arrive at Dwellingup a pleasant overnight town.  The next 7 days to Collie can be very cold, in the winter its common to have 0 degrees overnight.  Collie is a mining town well stocked with trek gear and food.

Day 1:  North Bannister (Albany highway) to White Horse Hills (17.6km)
Bus leaves East Perth at 9am and arrives at Albany Highway at 10.34am in good time to walk to White Horse Hills campsite (17.6km)  There is the ascent of Boonerring Hill so don’t linger after arriving from the bus.

Day 2. White Horse Hills to Mt Wells (14.5km)
Huge jumbled boulders, ragged outcrops, great wildflowers and testing trails give this range of hills a remote and wild feeling.

Day 3. Mt Wells to Chadoora (14.9km)
Apart from the ascent of Mt Wells the trail is flat so if you wish you can combine day 2 and 3.

Day 4. Chadoora to Dwellingup (19.4km)
The trail follows the disused rail line for much of the distance.

3 breakfasts, 3 dinners, 4 lunches      Food drop for the next section can be sent to your booked accommodation or the Dwellingup Visitors Centre.

Early spring wildflowers
Expansive views from Darling Scarp on the Bibbulmun Track Western Australia

Dwellingup to Collie – 7 days trek

A food drop can be arranged through Dwellingup Adventures although the majority of sectional and End to End carry 7 days of food through this section.  The track passes through forests and along the Murray River.  In winter the nights can be very cold (0 is not uncommon) so having suitable warm sleeping bags is recommended.

Day 5. Dwellingup to Swamp Oak (13.1km)
A short but pretty section through attractive marri/jarrah forest.

Day 6. Swamp Oak to Murray (18.5km) 
Today we have climbs and attractive forests and the hut overlooks the Murray River.

Day 7. Murray to Dookanelly (17.7km)
The trail follows the Murray River and in winter can be rather wet as it receives the highest rainfall on the Darling Scarp.

Day 8. Dookanelly to Possum Springs (19.3km)
Today we cross the Murray River, on the new bridge, and Harvey Quindanning Road, the Worsley Alumina conveyor belt.

Day 9. Possum Springs to Yourdamung (18.6km)
Undulating trail and no fires at Yourdamung as it is in a special virgin jarrah forest.

Day 10. Yourdamung to Harris Dam (13.6km)
A relatively short day, so linger at Yourdamung and explore the virgin forest.

Day 11. Harris Dam to Collie (21.3km) 
There are spectacular views over Lake Ballingall as the trail winds through forest to arrive in Collie.

6 breakfasts, 6 dinners, 7 lunches.

TransWA can drop you off at North Bannister to start walking south.

We suggest that at least one week prior to starting, check for any diversion, prescribed burns, group bookings on this section of the Bibbulmun Track

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TransWA bus leaves Collie daily to connect with the Bunbury train or bus all the way to Perth.

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Mist over Mt Cuthbert Darlling Scarp Bibbulmun Track
Hidden waterfalls of Manns Gully on the Bibbulmun Track