Lurujarri Heritage Trail

Adult | 4 day trek | Lurujarri Heritage Trail, Broome, Western Australia

July 2021

Experience walking the 90km ancient song line along the coast south of Broome, sleeping out under starry skies, being guided by the local indigenous people as they share with us their stories and knowledge

Coastal cultural indigenous trek.  An ancient songline runs from the tip of the Dampier Peninsula into the deserts south of Broome and the Lurujarri Heritage Trail follows a 90km section between Minyirr the southern end of Broome’s Cable Beach and Minarriny Coulomb Point.  You will be hosted by Simply Trekking and guided by the Goolarabooloo/Millibinyarri Indigenous people.   The trail passes stunningly beautiful scenery, it is flat, easy walking on beach, rocks and dunes and on this trek we carry only a day pack as our luggage is transported inland by truck.  As you’re on the coast, you are able to wash away the day’s sweat in the turquoise sea then watch the sun sink languidly into the Indian Ocean.  Dinner is communal, with plentiful and wholesome meals and caters for vege/gluten free etc.

Small group, costings tba ex Broome and optional accommodation and tours such as full moon tapas, camel riding, sea kayaking and other tours we could do as a group

Winding rivers thread through the Lurujarri Heritage Trail, Broome.