Kids funky flora day hike

Kids day hike | Funky Flora | Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia
Tues 1 Sep

Kids day hike on the Bibbulmun Track:

The trek itself is not very long or demanding for children 9 to 13 year old but our destination at a large granite outcrop is fascinating.   Abyssinia Rock is a large granite outcrop that is often bypassed as trekkers skirt the lower rim but we will be climbing to the top of this granite outcrop.   It is well worth climbing up the slope to the crest of the rock to experience a special kind of nature.

Very large jumbled boulders and a lots of cracks and crevices add interest as does the patterning of lichen and “resurrection bush”, which turns orange-brown over the long dry summers when it is dormant.  With the first rains in autumn these prickly little plants “resurrect” as the lower leaves re-green.  This summer dormancy and winter revival is a common survival mechanism for many diminutive granite outcrop plants.  Some are even carnivorous.

Yes a educational hike as we believe that a day out in nature can be equal to 3 days in the classroom.

Suitable for AwardsWA Ignite award.   Contact us to discuss, dates are flexible.

Starting point:   Brookton Highway

Length of trek:  6.8km and return plus the climb

$85.00 per kid

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