John Forrest cycling family day adventure

Cycling family day adventure | Natural water playgrounds of the Perth region| Western Australia
 John Forrest National Park, Hovea Falls, Railway Heritage Trail & Tunnel, Western Australia  | easy cycle
Sat 29 Aug, Sat 31 Oct  

Simply Trekking invite families to join them a cycling family day adventure in John Forrest National Park.  We start gently to reach the railway tunnel where it is dark and a bit spooky (we stop prior to hand out head torches for each child).  We share the history behind the tunnel and have some fun with your kids as we enter the dark depths of the tunnel, spooky ghosts?

Our next adventure is at Hovea Falls which is a very slow, undulating waterfall and not too dangerous.  On a blue sky day, surrounded by the lush green flora that winter and spring can bring, it’s a beautiful setting. If you’re happy to soak up the winter or spring sunshine, this is where we will have our morning tea picnic.   Whilst here we will explore the granite rocks, looking for interesting small rocks, different textures and colours to examine.   You might find that your child will be inspired and wish to take their rock selection home so make sure you bring a sturdy backpack.

We continue on along the rail heritage trail to reach the picnic grounds.  The brook runs beside the grounds and there is a nature playground for the kids to enjoy.   Coffee and ice creams are available from the John Forrest Tavern cafe and we will also visit the many very friendly wildlife that hang out behind the tavern.  The little ones enjoy being able to actually touch the kangaroos that are completely free.

We encourage you to bring lunch or take the option of lunching at John Forrest Tavern.   Small group.

$50 1 adult, 1 child

Time:   9.00am
Meeting place:  Carpark at the end of Morrison Road, Midland.
Finish time:  12.00pm

For our cycling family day adventure please bring a bike for each parent and child,  distance we cycle is 0.5km to Swan View tunnel, a further 2.00 km to Hovea Falls and another 0.9 km to Picnic area and John Forrest Tavern.  Also bring your own cycle snacks and 1 litre of water each.  We recommend you bring lunch with you as well and make a day of it.   Another option for lunch is the John Forrest Tavern and remember to check out close encounters with the kangaroos behind the tavern.

Cost includes:
your guide
individual family morning tea

Additional Adult add $20
Additional Child add $15

Further info on the cycle railway reserve

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