1 Hike Kalamunda to North Bannister Bibbulmun Track WA

On the first section of the Bibbulmun Track you walk the Darling Scarp east and south of Perth city.   Don’t be deceived by the km distances, especially if you are a beginner thru hiker, as this section is very hilly, stony and gravelly, very hard on your feet and quite demanding.

Day 1:  Kalamunda to Hewitt’s Hill  (10.6km)   We recommend walking to the first hut only, allows for travel to start time and gives you time to once again go over your trek gear and relax you’re finally on your way.  During this short section be aware there are lots of tracks bisecting so look out for the Bibb track yellow triangle and if the stream is flowing, take the short 5min detour to view Rocky Pool.
Day 2: Hewitt to Helena (19.2km)  Today you pass beside Mundaring Weir Hotel great for breakfast or lunch, onto Ball Creek Hut and then another 10kms to Helena Hut with great views over the valley.
Day 3: Helena to Waalegh (9.5km) The track between Helena and Waalegh is quite challenging so recommend taking an easier day here and enjoy the lovely views from both huts.
Day 4: Waalegh to Mt Dale (19.5km)  Today you will double hut, the morning trek is relatively easy to Beraking then a little more challenging – just before Dale Rd, drop pack and take detour to climb Mt Dale
Day 5: Mt Dale to Canning  (18.1km) It’s out to Brookton hut 8km for lunch and then across Brookton Highway to Canning campsite (11km).  (you can arrange for a food drop at Brookton Highway or the next day at Sullivan Rock)

We suggest that at least one week prior to starting, check for any diversion, prescribed burns, group bookings on this section of the Bibbulmun Track, click   https://www.bibbulmuntrack.org.au/trip-planner/track-sections/the-darling-range/

Transport:  To reach the Northern Terminus of the Bibbulmun Track, the beginning of the 1000km Bibbulmun Track, it is easy by public transport.   Take the train out to Midland (20mins) and then catch a bus next to the train station to Kalamunda with the bus stop just past the Northern Terminus around the corner.  The first 297 bus leaves Midland at 7.50am and about every hour thereafter.

Sunrise on the Darling Scarp Bibbulmun Track
Rainbow at Helena Hut on the Darling Scarp Bibbulmun Track

Day 6:   Canning to Monadnocks  (15.6km)  The trail between Canning and Monadnocks is usually fairly gentle and easy going.
Day 7:  Monadnocks to Mt Cooke (12.7km)  This morning you climb and explore Mt Cuthbert and Mt Vincent.  This day I don’t double hut as lots to explore and gives you chance of collecting your food drop at Sullivan Rock carpark.
Day 8:  Mt Cooke to Nerang  (12.6km) It is only a half an hour climb to reach the east lookout on Mt Cooke which is great if you want to be there for sunrise.  Take your time to explore, find the cave, it is about 8km to reach Nerang.
Day 9:  Nerang to Gringer Creek (16.6km) plus 1km spur trail to Albany Highway.  This is a lovely meandering day and you should be able to reach Albany Highway to catch the TransWA bus back to Perth at 1.31pm (prebook to ensure they stop).

Food:   8 breakfasts, 8 dinners and 9 lunches

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Views from the granite mountains of the Bibbulmun Track
Granite mountains of the Bibbulmun Track