Family Overnight Hikes

Overnight hikes give families with children aged 5 to 12 years the opportunity to go bush together in a fun, safe and organized manner.   We each carry a backpack with what we need to camp out.  Our delicious dinner and breakfast is cooked over the campfire and we boil water on a very small gas stove.  Make it simple for your family and tick all-inclusive with trekking gear and meals.

Our hikes are designed to fit the age of those who book.  If we have 5 year olds, we may only hike an hour to arrive at our destination.  With older children we walk about three hours to our destination camp, which includes lots of stops to eat and play.

Being out overnight gives the children the opportunity for unstructured nature play.  We believe that nature play is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood and we encourage children to play using the sticks, stones and leaves in whatever creative manner that they might choose so long as it isn’t disturbing the natural environment.