Hike the Bibbulmun Track WA 1000km in sections

The Bibbulmun Track runs from Perth to Albany, 1000 km and takes about six weeks to thru hike.  The end to end can also be hiked in sections over a period of months or years.   The shelters with the water supplies are 10 km apart in the first few days out of Perth, average 18 km over the rest of the track until they go back to 10-12 km apart as you come into Albany.  The majority of people seem to walk from the North to South, maybe starting at the warm end and to walk with the sun behind them.

I’d been hiking the track for the past twenty years, some sections many times and at last I had the opportunity to complete the whole of the track in one go.   But as I had business commitments I couldn’t just take six weeks off and disappear.  So I decided that I would do the next best thing and split the 1000 km into sections and complete them over a three month period.  It surprised me that I still felt that I was walking continuously, falling back into walk mode with ease and I enjoyed it immensely.

I had been a business owner (a settlement agency) for the previous ten years, could only take three weeks off at a time to hike and took every opportunity, walked the Bibbulmun track, New Zealand, Tasmania and Himalayas.  And then someone offered to buy my business and I sold.  The day I handed over the office keys I hit the track.   Not a complete thru hike, as each couple of weeks I had to be back in Perth attending to the many Govt and new owner’s needs.  It took me under three months except for one three day section that I caught up on a little later.  I could have done it quicker but I found I didn’t lose my fitness even if I was back in Perth for two weeks, I’d just catch the TransWA bus back down and my body seemed to know.

Breaking up the hike in this way gave me the opportunity to keep in touch with business, friends and family and I felt like I was thru hiking.  My body recovered very well each time, I didn’t have any injuries, I loved each day, could choose the weather patterns I wanted, not get caught up in prescribed burns or deviations.

Cup of tea on bank of Dog Pool River Bibbulmun Track
Karri forest Bibbulmun Track Western Australlia

A friend of mine wishes to do his Bibbulmun Track end to end and has similar business commitments so I’ve put a leisurely sectional thru hike together for him, accessible by public transport, that I believe will meet his needs.

His proposed schedule to walk the full Track includes…

Section 1:   Kalamunda to North Bannister
Northern terminus to Brookton Hy – 5 days – suggest 1st night Hewitt’s Hut, 2nd Helena, 3rd Waaleigh, 4th Mt Dale –  food drop at Brookton Hy or Sullivan Rock
Brookton to North Bannister 4 days

Section 2: North Bannister to Collie
North Bannister to Dwellingup – 4 days – food drop or buy food
Dwellington to Collie – 7 days
12 days including travel

Section 3: Collie to Northcliffe
Collie to Balingup – 4 days – food drop or buy food
Balingup to Pemberton – 8 days -food posted to Donnelly River
Pemberton to Northcliffe – 3 days
16 days including travel

Section 4:  Northcliffe to Peaceful Bay
If flooding on plains and can’t get into Lake Marinup, will wait til deviation opens.
Northcliffe to Walpole-  7 days – food drop posted or buy food
Walpole to Peaceful Bay – 4 days –  Accommodation offers car transfer Walpole to Peaceful Bay and return or Walpole taxi service
13 days including travel

Section 5:  Peaceful Bay to Albany
Peaceful Bay to Denmark – 3 days – buy food
Denmark to Albany 5 days
10 days including travel


Wondering about the ultralight trekking gear that will be used for a sectional thru hike, click here

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Wanting more detailed information on the Bibbulmun Track  https://www.bibbulmuntrack.org.au/trip-planner/track-sections/

Walpole inlet reflections Bibbulmun Track
Southern ocean beach on the Bibbulmun Track Western Australia