Ultralight Gear

What Simply Trekking can provide for your use

Our ultralight trekking gear is purchased from Australian ultralight trekking cottage industries as much as possible.  Lighter does not mean cheaper so you get to try before you buy.

Our goal is to make your pack carrying weight (trek gear, food and water) to equal 20% of your preferred body weight. Carrying a backpack, weighting more, over several days, not only will be onerous, slow you down, but can also lead to painful injury.

Bone formation is not generally complete until adolescence (between ages 13 and 18), so for teens, carrying just 20% of their body weight is even more important.

Children 12 and under, required a backpack that does up tightly around their hips so the load is carried evenly up the backbone.

Sleeping quilt or bag (down), sleeping sheet, balaclava, head torch, pillow
Sleeping cover & tarp camping duo
2 person tent   1-2kg
Adult mattress inflating thermal
Child mattress inflating thermal
Stove & full gas bottle, pot, bowl, cup, spoon
Adult backpack
Youth/Child backpack
Trekking poles
Dehydrated commercial dinners

Ultralight backpacks

Ultralight backpacks using the latest technology making carrying easy for you.  To date there is only one Australian cottage industry Wilderness Threadworks in Queensland whom we purchase from, the others come from Osprey or USA brands.

Mens or womans medium backpack

Ultralight shelters & tents

WA weather is mostly very mild enabling us to camp out in the minimum of shelter and still be warm, dry and comfortable. We source our sleeping cocoons (with mosquito netting) and tarps from Australian cottage industry Terra Rosa Gear, Victoria.  For the stormy winter weather and especially for the Cape to Cape where there is no shelter, we provide for hire lightweight 2 person tents.

Two ultralight sleeping cocoons under an ultralight tarp

Sleeping Gear

Our sleeping bags and quilts are down, it is soft, cuddly, keeps you warm  and come in adult and kids sizes.  Although we provide sleeping sheets with our bags and quilts, they are washed regularly as we are lucky in WA to get lots of fine days between treks.  Balaclavas are provided with the quilts.  We have a variety of mattresses with high thermal ratings and inflating pillows.  To complete the warmth we highly recommend you include one of our very lightweight compact thermal jackets for around the campfire.

Kids quilt and balaclava

Ultralight Foods

We source your dinner from Tasmania’s cottage industries, Campers Pantry, Strive, Alps & Amici and WA’s first dehydrated food producer Feed the Hike.  We cater for your gluten free, vegetarian and vegan needs.  Local supermarkets are now providing healthy snacks suitable for trekking.

Food for hiking

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