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Our Story and the Simply Trekking team

Marie on the Everest Trek | Nepal 2014
Simply Trekking, Australia

Simply Trekking took its first client on an overnight trek in June 2019.  Graeme was 75 and had always wanted to trek and have the experience of seeing the sunset over the Darling Scarp, sit around the campfire with a other trekkers and wake to the early bird call and the mist of the winter morning.   It was such a pleasure to help him achieve this.  Since then we have taken walkers from the eastern states to experience the best of the Bibbulmun track and taken a group of students to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

We decided to provide the latest ultralight technology in trekking gear, reducing our risk, as carrying too heavy a load, can not only be exhausting but also the cause of injury.   We also provide commercial dehydrated freeze dried meals to give people the opportunity to taste a variety and learn how to best prepare them.

A little more about each of the Simply Trekking team:
Marie Tatham (“Kiwi” my track name) – Principal & Owner  Trekking has been my passion for years and it is a pleasure to be able to assist others to enjoy our natural environment.  My previous business was the owner of a Settlement Agency and I also have a Degree in Education.  I hold a Senior First Aid Cert,  Bob Cooper Survival Course Cert, a Working with Children Cert and in the process of completing Wilderness First Aid.  Simply Trekking carries a Garmin Mini In Reach GPS emergency satellite communication.  Where have I trekked?   New Zealand, USA, Himalayas, Austria, Philippines, Greece and Australia.

Nina Whitley – Guide (daughter of Marie)  Nina’s first experience in trekking was at the age of fourteen years she joined me for six weeks trekking in New Zealand.  She followed on with Western Venture and Outward Bound. At age 19 years she trekked the Overland Track, the extremely difficult South West track and other remote tracks in Tasmania. Nina is married and mother of four children (6, 9, 12 & 14 years old) and she has a Degree in Family and Children Services and is working towards her Masters in Education, She is also a Joey Leader with Scouts.   Nina is an experienced trekker, with an up to date senior first aid and working with children certificate.  She is also in the process of completing wilderness first aid or remote first aid and bush survival skills.

Kylie Sim – Trainee Guide  Kylie is passionate about making the natural environment part of her life, not just as a day walker, but as a multi day trekker.  She was an employee in Marie’s settlement agency and she showed outstanding interpersonal skills that she is learning to put into practice to assist newcomers to multi day trekking.  Kylie is married and has two boys, aged 11 and 14yrs.

It is not the goal that inspires me, it is the journey - living in the moment