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Marie on the Everest Trek | Nepal 2014

Simply Trekking was conceived last September 2017 whilst I was out walking solo on the Bibbulmun Track WA.  Multiday trekking is my passion and yes in the past I did carry 15 to 20kg backpacks.  It is a challenge and achievable, but I recognize that carrying that weight isn’t for everyone so I came up with an alternative.   I also recognized that going without a shower, a normal bed and a meal of fresh ingredients might not be what people are looking for in a holiday, but I thought I could make it as comfortable and satisfying as possible to give people the opportunity to participate in the fantastic trekking experience.   I also felt that I had gained so much personally from my years of trekking passion that I wanted to pass on the knowledge and to help others.

I have specialized in assisting families to get out on the Bibbulmun Track during school holidays as I see that parents are struggling in todays world of internet.  Also often only one of the parents is available, or maybe they are a single parent.    I thought by offering a group situation with trek gear, that they could interact in nature with their family member and with others, in safety.

Commercial organized walking tours were catering mainly to day pack carry, luxury accommodation, foods and no off grid and it had a high cost per day.

The latest ultralight technology isn’t cheap, the lighter the product the more expensive it is.   It is also very mind boggling…which one is best.  You don’t want to be paying $$$$ and then not like or use the item.  I wanted to make my trek company economically possible for everyone to join.  So I came up with the idea of purchasing one of each of the ultralight models out there and giving people the opportunity to try them overnight.   By carrying a lightweight backpack for 10km, sleeping overnight in an ultralight down mummy sleeping bag ($400 to $600) or  a down sleeping quilt ($400 to $500), sleeping the night on a comfortable ultralight sleeping mat ($150 to $350) would give people the opportunity to try before they go out to buy in the shop or online.    Also dehydrated freeze dried meals are very nutritious and give you the energy that is needed to walk each day.   So I thought I’d give people the opportunity to taste a variety, learn how to prepare them, learn what can be added that makes the difference.  Also I have stocked many other small ultralight items to show people how it can be done.

With Simply Trekking  my goal is that those who experience one or more of our treks will continue to make multi day encounters with nature a regular part of their life.

A little more about each of the Simply Trekking team:

Marie Tatham (“Kiwi” my track name) – Principal & Owner  

I grew up in the North Island of New Zealand on a sheep farm at the foothills of the Tararuas. At 19 yrs I travelled and settled in Western Australia.  I did my first multi day tramp (NZ word for trekking) in my 30’s, continued in my 40’s and but have done most of my trekking in my 50’s and 60’s and intend to continue well into my 70’s and 80’s. I’m told by other oldies that you can make it just move at a slower pace!

I have a Degree in Education, Senior First Aid and in the process of completing Wilderness First Aid and Bush Survival Skills.  Simply Trekking carries a Spot Gen 3 GPS emergency beacon and is in the process of purchasing another form of GPS suitable for international trekking.

Yoga became a daily practice very early in my life, through two pregnancies and into my older years into a very simplified form of yoga stretches.  Meditation came into my life in my 30’s. I practiced transcendental meditation and later the ascension mediation technique which I have simplified into the walking mediation technique.  Where have I been?  Mainly independent pack carrying except the for Himalayas where it is day pack with guides and porters

  • New Zealand – Milford, Routeburn, Kepler, Heaphy, Greenstone, Abel Tasman,  Arthurs Pass, Nelson Lakes, Queen Charlotte, Whanganui River, Lake Waikaremoana and Tararua Ranges and the Tongariro Circuit.
  • USA, the Rockies and Mt Rainer, Washington State and Denali NP Alaska.
  • Himalayas – Nepal, Annapurna & Dhaulagiri treks, Everest Base Camp trek and Bhutan.
  • Austria – the Alpine Lakes and Wales – Offa’s Dyke path
  • Philippines – the rice paddies in the remote north;  Indonesia – the jungle of Sumatra; and the jungle of Borneo.
  • Greece – the northern mountains and their remote villages.
  • Australia –  Tasmania’s overland track; WA’s Bibbulmun Track and Cape to Cape.


Nina Caputo – Leader  (daughter of Marie)

As a child Nina experienced lots of camping and day walking.  But the highlight was at the age of fourteen years she joined me for six weeks trekking in New Zealand.  We trekked the famous Tongariro Crossing (in the snow), Mt Holdsworth trig which is my home town NZ climb, the Abel Tasman Track, including 2 exciting days of sea kayaking,  the pretty but very muddy after rains Heaphy Track and a very remote trail at Arthurs Pass that finished by us waving down the Southern Alps train to take us back to Christchurch.

She followed on with Western Venture and Outward Bound where she was challenged with planning and buying the foods for their days of trekking, canoeing and cycling with her peers.

At age 19 years she spent three months in Tasmania where she trekked the Overland Track, the extremely difficult South West track and other remote tracks.

Nina is married and mother of four children (4, 7, 10 & 13 years old) and she has a Degree in Family and Children Services and is working towards her Masters in Education, She is also a Joey Leader with Scouts.   Nina is an experienced trekker and will be leading our Family Treks.  She has her senior first aid and working with children certificate.  She is also in the process of completing wilderness first aid or remote first aid and bush survival skills.


Kylie Sim – Trainee Leader

Kylie is passionate about making the natural environment part of her life, not just as a day walker, but as a multi day trekker.  She was an employee in Marie’s settlement agency and she showed outstanding interpersonal skills that she is learning to put into practice to assist newcomers to multi day trekking.  Kylie is married and has two boys, aged 11 and 14yrs.

Check out the journeys coming up and let us know of any other wilderness that you would love to explore.

It is not the goal that inspires me, it is the journey - living in the moment