About Simply Trekking

We do what we love

Simply Trekking was launched  from a personal love of multi day hiking.  Lots of people of all ages love going out for a day in nature.  Let’s inspire them to go that step further and stay out overnight.   So we provide them with ultralight trekking gear, add a guide to provide safety, experience, knowledge and you have an authentic nature experience.

The Simply Trekking Team

Simply trekking team, Marie, Nina, Dean, Peter

Simplicity equals clarity & direction

Simply putting one foot in front of the other will give you the opportunity to reflect and gain direction in your life.   Simply,  let the track do it for you.   Travel by walking.   It’s about proximity, intensity and experience.  Rather than seeing as much as possible,  it’s about going as deeply as possible.

Experience staying on track

Experience the full joy of staying on track – meet other trekkers, hear their amazing stories, warm yourself at the campfire, wake to misty quiet mornings, enjoy the feelings of independence and simplicity.

Technology & Safety

Simply Trekking is licensed and accredited to guide and operate in West Australia.  Each trek cost includes (yes we provide) the latest technology lightweight backpacks full of ultralight trekking gear plus we provide all your ultralight trekking food.  We carry an emergency satellite tracker for your safety and a first aid kit.

"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks." John Muir