Simple things in life are often the best.   Simply Trekking believe that simply being in nature can help to restore the balance in your life and help you and your family reconnect with what is important to you.

Are you a parent of young children?     You’d like some time out in nature for you and your family, but your partner/wife/husband is not available and you don’t wish to take your children on your own.  Do you find yourself running around on extracurricular activities unable to spend quality one on one with each child.

Join a Simply Trekking family adventure and we will provide that support and give you and your children an opportunity to reconnect through simple nature adventures. Like a meander alongside a bubbly brook, a challenging hike or a back to basics overnight trek.

You deserve it.  Just enjoy the simple pleasure of someone else organizing and supporting you and your family on a nature outing.

Let us provide all your trek gear and meals.

Simply Trekking’s tours may be simple, but they create new experiences for your family in the outdoors that are safe, daring and ultimately educational.

Choose Your Adventure

Simply Trekking also provide multi-day Adventurous Journeys for the youth.
As a partner with AwardsWA, Simply Trekking is proud to support The Duke of Edinburgh Award participants aged 13 to 25 years by providing multi-day adventurous Journeys and day hikes for Ignite Award participants 9 to 12 years.

Based in Perth, Simply Trekking is family owned, fully licensed and accredited.    Marie Tatham (head guide) and Nina Caputo (daughter of Marie, assistant guide) have educational qualifications. All Simply Trekking guides are very experienced multi-day trekkers and have working with children clearances and senior first aid.

We can also create your own unique Private Trek for Adults in Western Australia, Eastern States and overseas. Please contact for more details.

Families and Youth Reconnect Through Nature