Ultralight backpacking journeys

Stay on track with simply trekking - affordable multiday adult and family trekking journeys - WA and other Aust States and Overseas

Simply Trekking is bringing you the new era of lightweight backpacks full of ultralight trekking gear.   We have purchased the latest ultralight gear for you to try out and it is not only for adults but also for families with children 10 years +.  No longer is pack carrying onerous, we will show you that it is not much more than carrying a day pack.  Based in Perth, we offer overnight and multiday treks for beginners to experienced, for adults and for families.

Experience the full joy of staying on track – meet other trekkers, hear their amazing stories, warm yourself at the campfire, wake to misty quiet mornings, enjoy the feelings of independence and simplicity.  Once you have experienced life on track you will want to trek in more exotic destinations.   Join us in the other states of Australia and overseas in New Zealand, Nepal and Patagonia.  Stay on track with simply trekking.

"experience the full joy of staying on track"

gain clarity

Stay on track with Simply Trekking.   We will show you how simply putting one foot in front of the other will give you the opportunity to reflect and gain direction in your life.   During a 4 day trek, the first 2 days you will find that your mind will slowly empty and on the 3rd and 4th day new ideas may spring out of the depth of you with no effort.  Simply, let the track do it for you.

our bodies

As trekkers we quickly learn that our body, especially our feet, are really important.   So to keep our bodies supple, we begin each day of our trek journey with some stretches.   We walk at an even pace of about 3km per hour, each hour of trekking we stop for 5 mins and remove our backpacks. At our lunchtime stop we loosen our shoes and if possible air our feet. On arriving at our camp in the afternoon we do some warm down stretches preparing our bodies for a good nights sleep and an energetic trek day tomorrow.

Safety off grid

Simply Trekking is an accredited and licensed company and carries an emergency satellite tracker for your safety and a first aid kit.  For the majority of the tracks, phone and internet coverage is not available.   We recommend where there is coverage that you stay off grid so that you gain the full benefits of your trek.  Being off grid out in nature opens the door to simplicity, balance and freedom.

Each state of Australia requires its own individual license for a commercial trekking operation.   Simply Trekking is fully licensed to operate in WA but we choose to act only as administration and host in the other states and overseas.   This enables independent trekkers to save monies and come together through Simply Trekking acting as agency to utilize our organization skills for itinerary planning, campsite/hut bookings, share cost of transport and to trek with an experienced host with emergency GPS and first aid.  Save $$$, trek in safety and simply trek with your new trekking mates.

"the simplicity of staying on track develops confidence and independence"

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